When it comes to the designs one can achieve with converted shipping containers, the options are endless. We like to say; “if you can dream it – we can build it”. It always excites us to work with clients who are looking to make a statement with their container conversion. Below are three projects Container […]


As events start back up – we can identify many ways in which containers could be utilised in this industry to assist with the overall operations and management of an event.  Here are some ways containers have assisted our past clients with events they were a part of or organising.   Ticketing & other Offices  Often […]

5 of the most exciting projects in the past decade

The only limit to what you can do with Shipping Containers is your imagination. At Container Land, we’ve been commissioned with some out of this world projects that challenged us but also excited us.

6 amazing ways we converted shipping containers

Shipping containers have been around for many years but only recently found popularity in the use of construction which was boosted by increasing environmental awareness. The recycling and upcycling of containers has taken center stage in this movement.

Container grading

When one is about to buy a used container, this is often a “sight-unseen” purchase, so it would seem reasonable to want to have a clear idea of the condition of the unit before parting with one’s cash.

Ablution Containers

Container Land were part of a team that converted  once used 20 foot containers into Ablutions for public use.