Shipping containers converted to assist a Lavender Hill school

Container Land (SA) is proud to have assisted Breadline Africa – a Cape Town-based charity – with the setup of many NGO projects using containers and converting them into schools and other complexes.

A primary school complex in Lavendar Hill, 20 kms outside Cape Town Central, provides much needed space for the children of the area. The used containers were converted into educational infrastructure units like classrooms, kitchens, toilets and libraries.

There are many benefits of using containers when building schools. At Container Land, we are geared to helping the environment by recycling ex-shipping containers instead of sourcing new materials to build traditionally. In addition, these converted shipping containers offered low budget savings too.

We commend Breadline Africa for the work they do in the community and their dedication to helping poor and vulnerable people uplift themselves by providing infrastructure, primarily by converting shipping containers into early childhood development classrooms, libraries, kitchens, and toilets.

To date, it has placed over 660 converted shipping container and prefabricated units to resource-poor communities across the country and its impact extends to more than 137,000 children. They also conduct other initiatives including a winter food parcel appeal and their Christmas feeding programs.


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